November 05, 2017 2 min read

I always left Pinterest on the back burner and concentrated on Instagram. Even though I drove my traffic to my site via Pinterest. It all started when I read this blog here by Michelle Carlton on a step to step to switch gears to Pinterest.

Give it up and not do any work.

I was thinking how do I have time to literally do any of this  after reading her blog posts and believed everything she said. It all makes sense. So I just hired her to set up my Pinterest for me. The best money I ever spent! At first I was like heck no but then thought about how I do need to invest back into my business. So glad I did. You can buy her Pinterest set up here.

So professional looking.

After she was done I went from a mediocre old profile to a very professional one.   On brand and very cohesive. She had set it all up for me and had the best descriptions and SEO going. So glad I did it but wasn't too sure on what to do next. So I went back to her page and ended up buying the Pinterest Management Services here. She ran my account for 30 days and after I got to see what she did. Ever since then I have been copying the style and things she started.

I saw an 110% increase in impressions and tripled my repin count. THat first month I got over 30 orders just from Pinterest (out of 55). My website is brand new and still a work in progress too I highly suggest trying it out even to jsut get a break during the holidays and have it done for you while you are out celebrating.

Coupon Code

Michelle was nice enough to give me a code to her whole shop.Including these services she sells some cool goodies! Use code COREY for 25% at checkout. Once done too send me the links I love seeing the new profiles!

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