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A Whopper Gift for Twins

Having twins is definitely no ordinary occassion. According to national statistics, only 32 out of 1000 births each year are twins. And identical twins is even rarer still, with only 3 of 1000 births per year. So when it comes to giving baby gift for twins, you'll want to celebrate the occassion with a gift that is unique and doubly delicious!

That's where our Double Whopper comes in. This unique baby gift will satisfy both babies with essential layette items for each, and wow the new parents with it's cleverness and attenton to detail. Each Double Whopper baby gift is customed made exactly as you like it...with natural ingredients, perfectly done, and simply delicious! Gift includes: 

  • 2-all natural terry hooded towels
  • 2-onsies
  • 2-burp pads
  • 2-bibs
  • 2 -pair of socks
  • 2-fork & spoon sets
  • 6-washcloths
  • 6-diapers
  • gift wrapping