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Hudson Baby Company

Baby Blanket & Lovey Gift Basket

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Few baby gifts are as comforting to baby or as cute as this one.

That's because this unique baby gift includes both a soft & plush two-ply baby blanket and a plush lamb Lovey. 

Baby Blanket

The silky soft two-ply blanket has a textured finish on one side and plush fabric on the other. The blanket is decorated with blue stars for boys and pink dots for girls. Blanket meets CPSC safety requirements, is machine washable and measures 29" x 38". 

Lamb Lovey

Babies will find this lamb Lovey to be very soothing.  It is made from a soft and plush fabric and has a 3" satin trim all around to provide a reassuring tactile sensation for baby. The Lovey measures 15" x 22". 

Newborn Baby Gift Set

The baby blanket and Lamb Lovey are presented in an attractive ABC decorated box then gift wrapped in white tulle. The box measures 12" x 10" x 5" high.  Once the contents are removed the parents can use it in baby's nursery as a handy storage container.