Baby Bottle Diaper Pinata Baby Gift

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Not your ordinary baby bottle! 

Our Baby Bottle Pinata Baby Gift is a unique twist on your typical baby gift.  This giant baby bottle is made from everything needed for a newborn baby.  It stands an impressive 24" tall so it's a great gift to bring to a baby shower or one to give after the baby is born. The Pinata and fun part of the gift is that it includes surprise inner contents,  that are apparent only after the gift is unassembled.  A conversation piece for sure but a truly useful baby gift as well.  Lovingly Made to order in the USA!

Baby Bottle PInata Baby Gift includes:

  • 24 newborn diapers
  • pair of socks
  • rattle
  • Terry bib 
  • cotton interlock hat
  • Terry burp cloth
  • gift wrapping