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Baby's Puppy Pal Deluxe Personalized Diaper Cake Boy Baby Gift

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Cute as a puppy!

Bring home this deluxe version of our Puppy Pal© diaper cake for the newborn baby boy. At the bottom of it all (well almost at the bottom) is a wonderful hooded towel creatively folded into an adorable puppy. Sitting on top of the puppy is a layer of newborn sized diapers and on top of that is a cuddly Hug-Zzzies™ plush puppy hugging one of the softest baby blankets ever. The very bottom layer of this 4 tier diaper cake is more diapers and a 100% cotton receiving blanket. It is all painstakingly put together and beautifully wrapped to make this an adorable baby gift for a baby boy.

Puppy Pal© Diaper Cake Deluxe includes:

  • Soft and plush personalized baby blanket
  • Hug-Zzzies™ plush puppy
  • Ball plush wrist rattle
  • 36 newborn sized diapers
  • 100% cotton terry hooded towel
  • 100% cotton terry burp pad
  • 100% cotton receiving blanket
  • 3-100% cotton terry washcloths
Our Puppy Pal© Deluxe Diaper Cake personalized baby gift is the ultimate version of this adorable creation. By choosing it you can be assured that you are giving the very best gift, one that will be noticed and appreciated!
An original Hudson Baby Company® baby gift!