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Belly Stickers Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Whenever a new Hudson Baby Company baby gift is created we ask ourselves: is it unique; does it excite people when they see it; and will it be memorable? The answers are Yes, Yes, & Yes, when it comes to the new Belly Stickers Diaper Cake.

Belly Stickers Diaper Cake-A Unique Baby gift!

There are many different diaper cakes to choose from, but this is the only one that includes a full set of 12 adorable monthly belly stickers, to the best of our knowledge.

Belly stickers are the perfect props for use when taking a keepsake photo each month during baby's magical first year. You can order this diaper cake as featured with gender neutral stickers or with girl or boy specific stickers (see secondary photo).

Along with the belly stickers, the gift includes a cotton interlock bib designed to be used with the stickers, a terry wash mitt, 3-terry washcloths and a total of 24 disposable diapers (12 x size 1-2; 6 x size 3; 6 x size 4).

Impressive & memorable too!

Belly Stickers Diaper Cake will definitely capture everyone's attention with it's bright & colorful presentation along with it's sheer size at 26" tall. But after all is said and done, the parents will remember that it was your gift that made the memories possible whenever they look back upon the photos they took of baby with the cute belly stickers!