Bison Black and White Aztec Boppy Cover

Bison Black and White Aztec Boppy Cover For Boppy Pillow

Boppy pillows are used in multiple ways when baby arrives home. It can be used for nursing, bottle feeding, tummy time, propping and sitting. Boppy pillows help mothers and dads to sit and relax in comfortable, ergonomic position to help relieve stress on your neck, back and shoulders. 

Why use boppy pillow covers?

Boppy’s or other nursing pillows will be used in every room of the house once the baby arrives. So, the mess can happen anytime such as burp and food spill. To avoid ruining your whole pillow we discover boppy pillow covers which adds protection and stylish looks to your nursery collection. Lots of feedings and cuddling will be done so why not do it in style?


  • Easy slip installation enclosed with a zipper.
  • Bison Black and White Aztec Boppy Cover is made of 100% certified organic cotton.
  • The fabric is printed with ecologically-safe Ultra-Color technology in the USA.
  • Handmade with love in Canada.
  • Includes 1 cover with a zip closure at back.

Fabric Details:

Organic Cotton Sateen Ultra

 84 Reviews Organic Cotton Sateen Ultra

Organic Cotton Sateen Ultra is woven from 100% certified organic cotton and printed with our ecologically-safe Ultra-Color technology. Characterized by a soft hand and subtle sheen.

  • Machine wash cool on a gentle/delicate setting, using phosphate-free detergent.
  • Machine dry on a low-temperature setting.
  • Iron on the reverse side of the fabric.


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