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Magical Unicorn Twins Baby Gift Set

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Celebrate the arrival of a set of twins with this absolutely Magical Unicorn baby gift set.  

This unique baby gift includes premium quality 100% cotton layette items, a plush terry bear with a t-shirt, plus a fabulous gift box topped off with a Unicorn head made of wood. See photo below-showing gift box with just the plush bears. Note: bears will have t-shirts with the appropriate gender. 

As an added feature, the Unicorn head is detachable and can be hung in baby's room as wall decoration. finally, all layette items are made in the USA and come embellished with a beautiful unicorn embroidery design. 

Magical Unicorn Contents 

  • 2-cotton interlock sleep gown
  • 2-cotton t-shirt
  • 2-cotton hat
  • 2-10" plush bear with Unicorn embroidered t-shirt
  • White gift box
  • Unicorn wood head wall decoration
  • Offered in 3 gender combinations

10 Interesting facts about Unicorns
  1. Unicorns are not found in Greek Mythology but rather in natural history writings of the time
  2. Greek natural history writers believed Unicorns were real and lived in India
  3. Unicorns were often described as wild horses with one long horn and cloven hooves
  4. Unicorns were depicted in ancient seals of the Indus Valley civilization
  5. The Bible describes the animal re'em which some belief translates to Unicorn
  6. Medieval myth is that the Unicorn gets its unworldly strength from its longhorn
  7. It was believed only a virgin maiden could tame a Unicorn
  8. Unicorns were considered a symbol of love in the 13th century
  9. The Alicorn (horn) during the 16th century was believed to hold magical & medicinal properties
  10. Leonardo Da Vinci wrote the only way to entrap a Unicorn is with a fair maiden virgin

For more information about Unicorns please visit Wikipedia