Minky, Knit, or Muslin Fabric Upgrade

All of my items are made in cotton unless you purchase the $10 per item upgrade. Below are the descriptions of each fabric.

For each bedding item you want in the one of the fabrics below you must add to your cart and purchase along with the main bedding item.


For example:

You want a minky boppy cover...

Add the boppy cover of your choice to your shopping cart $54.99

Click on the minky option on this listing and add it to your cart $10.00

New cart total will be $64.99


♥ Minky

Minky fabrics are super-soft, with bright, vibrant colors and will not fade after a ton of washes. The softest choice.

♥ Knit

Knit fabrics are very soft and they have a slight stretch to them, adding comfort and durability. They are super soft but tend to fade a slight bit after washed a bunch of times

♥ Muslin/Gauze

Muslin/Gauze fabric is breathable and has a very slight stretch. I crinkles and becomes softer when washed. Great for swaddles! These items need to be washed before use they will get softer. I do not pre wash any fabric due to skin sensitivities and allergies.


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