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Hudson Baby Company

Peach And Coral Pink Floral Crib Sheet

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Peach And Coral Pink Floral Crib Sheet

Personalized fitted crib sheet to provide the best comfort to your little one. Choose from plenty of designs. Best gift for new parents and baby showers.

After birth, this is the most favourable place where baby spends a lot of time. newborns need at least 18 hours of sleep a day so parents need to make that space more comfortable and attractive for their little ones. Crib sheets are one of the focal points of your baby's room and one of the most used items. A fun way to add color and patterns to your nursery.

  1. Designed with reinforced elastic fitted lining and deep pockets to fit a standard crib.
  2. Soft and gentle for babies skin. 
  3. Peach And Coral Pink Floral Crib Sheet made of 100% jersey knit polyester.
  4. Our crib sheet fits all standard crib mattress size 52"L X 28"W.
  5. The fabric is manufactured and designed in the USA.
  6. Includes 1 sheet fits regular mattresses.
  7. Can be machine-washed warm, tumble dry low, with no bleach additives.