Whooo's the Cutest-Owl Changing Mat Baby Girl Gift

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Hudson Baby Owl Changing Mats with "Whooo's the Cutest" embroidery are sooo adorable, sooo practical and sooo much fun!

Made in the USA

Owl Changing Mats are made by Hudson Baby Company® in Brooklyn, NY. They are crafted from domestic cotton fabric that is quilted to provide a soft cushiony feel for baby.

Measuring 30" from top to bottom and 18" wide, this mat is ideal for diaper changes, whether at home or on the go and great for use as a floor cushion during baby's playtime.
Machine washable.

A Unique Baby Gift

The playful double entendres of "Whooo's the Cutest" is combined with a stunning gift presentation to make the Owl Changing Mat a "wise" choice as a baby gift.