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Whooo's the Cutest-Owl Changing Mat Baby Shower Gift

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Hudson Baby Company® Owl Changing Mats with "Whooo's the Cutest" embroidery are sooo adorable, sooo practical and sooo much fun!

Made in the USA

Owl Changing Pads are made by Hudson Baby Company® in Brooklyn, NY. They are crafted from domestic cotton fabric that is quilted to provide a soft cushiony feel for baby.

The mat measures 30" from top to bottom and 18" wide. Ideal for diaper changes, whether at home or on the go, and as a floor mat during baby's playtime. Machine washable.

A Unique Baby Shower Gift

The playful double entendres "Whooo's the Cutest" combined with a stunning gift presentation makes the Owl changing mat a "wise" choice for a baby gift.